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Does the concept of a local agent truly exist?
By: Eric Chung
November 28, 2023

At Focus Estate Agents, one of the most frequent queries we encounter from potential landlords is whether it's more beneficial for them to engage a local agent. They often ask, "Isn't it better for us to use a local agent?" or "Do you cover this area?" Our unwavering response is, "A local agent isn't the best choice simply because they're local, and at Focus Estate Agents, we cover everywhere." Let's delve into the reasons behind this stance.


The primary way people find rental properties today is through online platforms such as, Domain, and Homely. Tenants predominantly utilize these resources rather than physically visiting offices, local papers, or driving around looking for 'for lease' signs. Consequently, the geographical location of an agent becomes irrelevant when it comes to advertising a property for rent. All agents have the capability to advertise properties in any suburb or town via the internet.

On-Site Appointments

In Sydney, property managers are permitted to inspect rental properties once every six months, with the first inspection possible after the initial three months. This means that property managers generally only need to visit the property twice a year. With effective time management, property managers can efficiently schedule these visits and even accommodate additional trips for maintenance checks, valuer meetings, or consultations with insurance assessors.


While leasing a property that is farther from the office may require more time and planning, it remains entirely manageable. Proper coordination of open inspections and private viewings, taking into account other activities in the area, can streamline the process. Alternatively, if the property is a considerable distance away, local agents can be employed to conduct open inspections, while the primary agent handles advertising, background checks, and overall property management.

Digital and Cloud-Based Technology

Technological advancements in property management, including cloud-based trust accounting software and digital filing systems, have revolutionized the industry. Focus Estate Agents utilizes such tools, allowing the team to manage properties efficiently from any location. Clients, whether overseas, interstate, or residing an hour and a half away, can access an online portal system for essential documents and receive instant assistance whenever needed.

Local Area Knowledge

The belief that a local agent possesses superior local knowledge and contacts is a common misconception. While some agents may live and work in the same area, the information used for property valuation is accessible to all agents. Local contacts for maintenance or other requirements can be easily identified through recommendations, reviews, and thorough searches, irrespective of the agent's physical location.

It All Depends On Effort

The coverage area of an agency is contingent on the effort they are willing to invest. While some agencies prefer to concentrate on their local area, Focus Estate Agents emphasizes that their commitment extends to all properties under management, regardless of location. Rather than fixating on the location of an agent, it is crucial to consider other vital aspects outlined in related articles, such as "A Cheap Agent Vs A Good Agent" and "What Your Property Manager Should Be Doing For You."

How Far Does Focus Cover?

Focus Estate Agents proudly declares, "We cover everywhere!" Whether you need a reliable agent in the Eastern suburbs, Inner West, Sydney CBD, St George area, Canterbury-Bankstown, or any other location, Focus Estate Agents is ready to serve. Their commitment to prioritizing all properties, irrespective of location, emphasizes that the quality of service is not determined by geographical proximity.

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